Thai Massage



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I warmly welcome you to come study the art & practice of traditional Thai massage and other healing modalities from Thailand.

Through adding these powerful skills & knowledge to your practice you will have the ability to:

  • Create more effective treatments

  • Relieve strain on your body from giving massage

  • Double your massage income

  • Find more meaningful ways of helping your clients to heal

You can explore and learn more about Thai Massage Training and what it can do for you and your clients right here:

Online Courses

This will give you instant access to an interactive online training platform that will guide you through learning the Thai healing arts.


Live Classes

Each month, live courses are held in Fort Myers, Florida. These small group training opportunities are excellent for direct instructor guidance and support.


Resource Center

Interested in seeing if Thai massage is the right modality for you? Sign up to browse our free library of articles, guides, videos, and workshops in our Resource Center.


Upcoming Live Classes & Workshops

Thai massage training - level 2
may 2018

The second level of Thai massage training teaches more advanced techniques, additional client body positions, and customizing routines. You will explore working with specific cases such as; knee replacements, back issues, headaches, abdominal issues, and more. Group discussions around clients subsets like prenatal/postnatal, athletes, and geriatric will be initiated and explored. Additionally, self care and self development routines for healers are taught and implemented into daily practice.

Thai foot massage
June 2018

Thai foot massage is a relaxing, passive therapy that makes a wonderful addition to any massage practice. It utilizes many of the theories and body leveraging techniques from traditional Thai massage to affect the whole body through the feet. In this course you will learn a 30 & 60 minute Thai foot massage routine that can be used as a add-on treatment or as a stand alone service.

Thai Massage Training - Level 1
july 2018

A 40 hour CE Thai massage course that will prepare you to add traditional Thai massage into you practice. You will learn a 90 minute classic Thai massage routine, explore basic traditional Thai medicine theories used in Thai massage, receive instructor guidance and support, and engage in group discussions with other students.