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In case you haven’t heard - stretching is the up and coming modality for massage therapists. Big franchises and private practices have made stretching routines a staple treatment (or add-on). I have even seen exclusive stretching centers popping up all over the U.S.

So here’s the thing...

I have been practicing Thai massage for over 10 years and stretching - or what I like to call movement therapy is a fundamental aspect of this modality.

With the mobilization training in Thai massage, tools and techniques are so plentiful that you could literally stretch a client for HOURS! And because Thai massage is a lifestyle medicine, every stretch has a particular outcome or effect on the body. Especially in regards to imbalance issues that result in a wide array of chronic pain or repetitive strain issues.

With this 2 CE course you will be learning a 30 minute stretch therapy routine that showcases some of the easiest but most effective Thai massage stretches that have been adapted to the massage table. You will also be learning about how they impact the client and how to successfully integrate them into your massage practice.

To make this happen, I have put together a small but efficient interactive training program

I have been a licensed massage therapist for the past 20 years and have traveled and gained knowledge in so many different bodywork modalities - until I traveled to Thailand and received my very first real Thai massage. That was when my life completely changed. I learned that I was missing some big pieces of the puzzle to be able to effectively, efficiently, and healthily practice bodywork.
It took me years and years of study, travel, and research to put together what I now know to be my ideal business. I had to make it happen with intensive studies in between crazy massage weeks to keep from going broke. I had to spend my evenings studying and researching every technique, tool, system, approach, wellness models, and so on and so on.
From that knowledge and experience, I was able to put together a small but mighty training to help you start integrating stretch therapy into your massages in as little as one week.

In this training you will be:

Creating a 30 minute stretching routine that can be quickly integrated into your massage sessions


Exploring the possibilities of Thai massage as a modality that can improve your practice


Learning through direct interactions with hundreds of other students who have attended the course


This can have some powerful effects and benefits to your massage career:

1. It Gets RESULTS!
As bodyworkers, we always need to be thinking about how to help improve the lives of our clients and stretching is one way we can really move the needle in their wellness.

Not only does it increase a client’s ROM, it can improve function, help heal imbalances, and decrease pain and potential injuries. I think that any one of these results can be pivotal in your clients’ health and wellness.

All of them together? Extraordinary.

2. It Increases Your Income
I know it’s not all about the money but let’s be real for a minute. We all could use a little more money in our pocket.

When you add in stretching or movement therapy, you will be adding in a whole new complimentary set of treatments that your clients will not only benefit from HUGELY, they will also see as a necessary well-being expense.

This will help to set your services apart, while also opening up some new avenues of charging, for instance -
A 30 minute movement therapy upgrade for your sessions
A 30 in-between massages stretching session, what I like to call a "Wellness Pick Me Up"

Either of these can seriously help you to generate more income without even adding any more clients to your schedule.

3. It Can Save Your Hands & Your Career
If you have every felt like you are overtaxing your hands and thumbs or that you are having back or neck problems from the repetitive work of giving massage, then you are going to want to listen closely.

By integrating stretches into your massage sessions you will be taxing your hands and body a lot less. What I mean by that is, stretching will engage YOUR body using different muscles than you normally use to perform massage. Giving them a much needed break.

4. It Makes Your Work Invaluable To Your Clients
Making yourself a staple therapy in your clients’ wellness care is one of the keys to long term success and stability as a massage therapist. By providing stretching in your massage session your clients will not only SEE the dramatic results that you can give in their quality of life, they will recognize that you and your massages are different from others that they have received. That, my friend, makes you a diamond in the rough and so valuable that they will book months and even years out to ensure they are able to get the regular work that they need.

I know for a fact that all of these benefits are yours for the taking because through adding stretches to my massage treatments, I have seen them all and so much more.

Once you get enrolled, you will receive access to your personal student account inside the online training platform. The course can be completed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Each lesson consists of; printable worksheets, step by step video tutorials, and homework exercises with an interactive group discussion board.

NCBTMB & CE Broker Approved Provider

Upon completion, you will receive 2 CEs for home study that can be applied to license renewal.

Did Somebody Say... BONUS?

If you sign up right now you will get a bonus lesson in joint mobilization and massage. This step by step guide will walk you through mobilizing all the major joints in your client's body for maximum effect. This will supplement your training with stretching by adding a new dimension of mobility and increasing flow.  


If you are ready to get enrolled in the first step to building your ideal massage career and gaining some powerful tools and techniques that will benefit you and your clients for years to come then I invite you to sign up now.




Kristine Traucht

Founder & CEO of Thai Massage Training

Kristine Traucht is an experienced traditional Thai massage practitioner and instructor that has taught across the United States and in Thailand. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and has specialized in the study and practice of Thai massage since 2007. After several visits to Thailand and spending years learning within local Thai communities, she began sharing her love and knowledge of Thai massage, Thai culture, history, and traditional medicine.
Kristine has passionately taught the Thai healing arts for many years, helping students bridge the gap between Western massage and medicine with its Thai counterparts. She has even brought this knowledge to therapists working in high profile medical clinics such as The Mayo Clinic. It is her life's goal to bring students of massage into deep exploration of whole body wellness through combining bodywork, energy work, and spirituality. 

See what other bodyworkers are saying about this course....

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Kristine. I have already incorporated these techniques in to my routine and am getting positive feedback from my clients. This is such valuable information for every bodyworker. Straight to the point and very effective. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing my knowledge with Thai techniques!"

Vernita R.

"The best thing I learned in this training was how important it is to have a full body outlook when doing a massage or stretch therapy. My next step is to take a Thai massage course in order to further my training and get an even better idea of what is going on."

Riley M.

"I really enjoyed these stretch clinic classes! It was very well organized, easy to follow, and offered great stretches and joint mobilization techniques. Thanks!"

Anne L.

"I have incorporated these stretches on clients this past week and have had a positive reaction. I love Thai bodywork but haven't had the chance yet to take any classes besides this and I love that I am learning table Thai before on the mat. I do plan to do some more training for Thai in the future and I see how great it is!! Thank you so much Kristine for this training, love having this knowledge in my tool kit!!"

Christy S.

"Kristine all of these stretches are amazing and will be such an asset to my practice. Thank you so much for your time and mentoring. I look forward to learning more :)"

Tina K.

"This course was awesome. Thank you!"

Gari J.

"Thank you Kristine for this awesome training! The videos were spot on and the explanations were very good. The biggest take away for me is the confidence I have gained in learning how to not only do effective stretching but also how to incorporate it into my massage and not feel like I am going to hurt my client. (Always on my mind) I think with time I am going to find that I will be needing to come back and take more classes with you. I am so very glad I was able to take this course with you and also to be able to gain knowledge and insight from the other awesome students in this course! What an awesome week this was!"

Deborah L.

"Kristine, big thanks for generously sharing this knowledge. The course platform has a great format for learning with pdf, written narrative and video. The community interactions were positive and supportive as well."

Janis C.

"The lessons were great! I learned new techniques to incorporate into my practice and look forward to the feedback I will receive from my patients. It has been great learning with you."

Victoria R.

"This training was great practice for me. I have gained a new confidence in promoting and improving my massage practice. Thank you so much Kristine, it's been a great week of learning."

Cheryl Z.

"The thing I enjoyed the most about this training was the discussion on what the stretches are useful for, like headaches and brachial plexus muscles. I also appreciated the straight forward, clear instruction."

Kristina C.

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