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August 19-23 - Thai Massage - Level 1
August 26-30 - Thai Massage - Level 2
September 2-6 - Thai Massage - Level 3


Thai Massage - Level 1 (weekday course)
40 CEs (NCBTMB & FL)
Monday - Friday
August 19-23 from 9am to 6pm
Cost: $795 ($249 deposit)


Take a journey into the Thai healing arts

  • Learn a 90 minute traditional Thai massage routine
  • Explore Thai history, culture, and medicine to see why Thai massage is such a valuable aspect of the wellness model
  • Experience new techniques and treatments that use Sen line therapy for a variety of illnesses and ailments
  • Receive guided mentoring in technique, leveraging, body mechanics, self care practices and more
  • Receive a certification in traditional Thai massage
Enroll in this 5 day training to begin your journey to Thai massage and traditional medicine mastery. Specializing to Thai therapies in your massage practice will improve your life and the lives of those you touch.

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Thai Massage - Level 2
40 CEs (NCBTMB & FL)
Monday - Friday
August 26-30 from 9am to 6pm
Cost: $795 ($249 deposit)


Continue your learning and develop advanced skills

  • Learn how to customize a Thai massage for nearly any restriction or ailment
  • Develop advanced body mechanics and Thai massage techniques for easier work
  • Practice advanced body positions like seated and sidelying
  • Receive guided mentoring in back walking, advanced poses, abdominal massage, and more.
  • Gain your specialty certification in traditional Thai massage
This training will give you a greater advantage with creating more effective and easier to apply Thai massage treatments.  Enroll in this 5 day advanced bodywork training to continue growing towards a mastery level of Thai massage. 

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Thai Massage - Level 3
40 CEs (NCBTMB & FL)
Monday - Friday
September 2-6 from 9am to 6pm
Cost: $795 ($249 deposit)


Thai medical massage is a valuable therapy and is the pinnacle of mastering the art and practice of traditional Thai massage

  • Learn how to perform a 150 minute Thai medical massage
  • Gain knowledge of the 10 major Sen lines and the symptomology related to each
  • Explore advanced Thai medical theories that will allow you to work effectively with more complicated health conditions like; Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, IBS, menstrual cycle issues, depression, automimmune disorders, arthritis, and more. 
  • Build your skill through creating full routines working directly with advanced cases
Level 3 is all about building your theoretical knowledge and skill on par with a doctor of Thai massage in Thailand. In this course, you will be expanding your abilities that will continue to grow to mastery of the Thai healing arts for years to come. 

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Here's what students are saying about these courses:


I finished the Thai massage course yesterday and couldn't be happier. If you are looking to learn traditional Thai massage that isn't westernized, this is the place for you. The instructor is extremely educated not only in technique but in the history and cultural importance of the practice. I can't wait to enroll in more classes and hopefully one day travel with them to Thailand!
- Garrett C. 


This training is thorough and concise. I have enjoyed the freedom to really understand the steps, to be able to review them again and again. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience!!
- Genevee V. 


Just completed the Thai massage course. Such an amazing and humbling experience in a wonderful environment. Excellent oasis of calm and learning - I highly recommend.
Wanita N. 


My client came in complaining of pain in the left side of her neck down thru the shoulder into the scapula. I started with the foot stretches, without my asking she informed me that she could feel that all the way to her neck. She had very good results with the massage. Booked for another session in 2 weeks. This was a first time client who will now be a regular. 
- Sandra C.

I have had great success with this training. My clients report a deeper sensation of release of tension and a much stronger awareness of their own body. It is such a great way to share positive wellness practices with my people!! 

- Ellen P.

Here's some additional information you might be looking for...

6710 Winkler Road, Suite 3 
Fort Myers, Florida 33919 

Classes start promptly at 9:00 am and conclude at 6:00pm each day of class. An hour lunch will be taken every day.

What To Bring:
Notebook, pencils, comfortable and flexible clothing (yoga or sports clothing is ideal) - all books and equipment will be supplied for you. 

Each class will include a certificate for your records and to display in your work. All courses are approved for NCBTMB and Florida for massage therapy.

All deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to any future date or class. 

Contact Instructor:
Kristine Traucht
[email protected]


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