Thai Massage Training Level 2

An In-Depth Online Mentoring Course for Creating An Advanced Thai Massage Practice


Continuing Education That Will Change Your Life...

We both know that Thai massage is a powerful practice, you only have to give a few full sessions to see the tremendous impact that it has on the lives of your clients. But once you are actively practicing it's easy to see that you are going to need more skills and knowledge to handle more difficult cases.

Some of the most common issues that beginning Thai massage practitioners run into are:

  • How do I work with clients that are much bigger than I am?

  • What if a client isn't flexible at all? Should I still give them a Thai massage?

  • Is there such a thing as a Prenatal Thai massage?

  • What about joint replacements or surgeries or clients with specific restrictions?

  • How do I address common issues like headaches, back pain, or sciatica without just relying on the routine I was taught?

These are just a small sampling of some of the questions that arise after you've been giving Thai massages for a while.

If you've found yourself asking any of these then that's a good thing!

It means that you are ready to take your Thai massage training to the next level and become an advanced practitioner.

In this MasterClass, I'll be sharing all of the answers to these questions while teaching you how to assess your clients' needs and create a custom Thai massage routine that's designed just for them. 

Through this live training course and online mentorship, you'll learn how to:

Become an advanced Thai massage practitioner

Quickly evaluate your client and customize your Thai massages, every time

Have more confidence in your skill and technique - you'll be able to convey how your Thai massages are effectively treating your clients.

Deepen your self-care practice, building more awareness and more focus into every Thai massage you perform

Make your Thai massages even easier to perform, no matter how big or inflexible your client is

Gain better body mechanics and technique applications

Be even more effective by creating treatment plans

For many years, my Thai massage skills were far below my Western massage skills. I couldn't get clients to really commit to Thai massage exclusively even though I knew that it had much greater potential for healing then Western massage even could.
I decided that the only way to "flip the switch" on my Thai massage skills was to really put in the effort to learn. So I practiced, and I studied, and I traveled to Thailand (several times), I kept building more knowledge and gaining more techniques and tools until one day I realize, I had done it. I could not only work safely and effectively with a knee replacement, or frozen shoulder, or a pregnant woman (I won't ever go back to table Prenatal again!), or so many other pains, symptoms, problems, or issues that my clients could have.

My Thai massage skill had not only surpassed my table work, it completely blew it out of the water!

And that's what this class is all about, helping you to jump that hurdle too. I know for a fact that you can do it and with me as your mentor we can do it in a matter of weeks rather than the years it took me.

To make this happen, I've put together a continuing education program unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Online training is currently open for enrollment through the student platform with me and your peers in a group training.


In it, you'll be learning 4-6 hours worth of advanced tools and techniques including; alternate techniques for restrictions, advanced techniques, full routines for seated and side-lying positions, back-walking, advanced abdominal work, advanced neck work, full body stretches, and so much more.

We'll also be exploring creation of custom Thai massage routines including treatment plans for a variety of common issues like sciatica, neck pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel.

One of my favorite aspects of Thai massage is its primary focus on the wellness of the practitioner, in this course you'll be practicing meditation and other self care exercises that can be found in Thailand.




There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find that the course isn't right for you, you can ask for a full refund and I will give it to you.

NCBTMB approved provider #165 Upon completion, you'll receive 40 Continuing Education credits for  distance learning. 

Since my last training with Kristine my client base has more than doubled.

"I completed Level 2 Intermediate training with Kristine.  Her teaching style is organized, thorough and clear; easy to understand and follow.
You leave her training with a wealth of knowledge that you can use in your practice right away with great success.
Since my last training with Kristine (less than a year ago) my client base has more than doubled.  I highly recommend Kristine Traucht if you’re looking for quality, traditional Thai Yoga Therapy/Thai Massage training."


-Celeste Hoover

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Private Student Account
Access to Hours of Video Tutorials, Live Class Recordings, and Presentations
Additional Cultural & Spiritual Enrichment


My clients are LOVING the results I’m getting in our Thai Massage sessions

"The training I’ve gotten from you has really been a quality learning experience, and my clients are LOVING the results I’m getting in our Thai Massage sessions. Many of my clients have begun alternating between Thai and table massages, or switching to Thai massage altogether (especially anyone with hip or low back pain). After the level2 class, I became much more confident in speaking to my clients about the benefits that I could give them and more comfortable with customizing and improvising what was previously more of a set routine. Last week I noticed that I had a full schedule and 13 of them were Thai massages, which is awesome! Having this (and Thai reflexology) in addition to my other services is really helping save my hands, and has opened up a whole new outlook/many new ideas on how I can treat my clients. I am super excited to start level 3, and my clients are excited too!
Also, in terms of your teaching.. You are really a great instructor! Full of knowledge and respect for the Thai community and Thai healing arts. You make students feel comfortable and challenge us in a way that helps us learn without being too intimidating. I took a Thai massage class previous to attending your level one training and I literally forgot how to do everything a week later because I didn’t have the confidence to do it without an instructor  around. When I leave your class, I feel comfortable with the skills I’ve learned and know that you are available and happy to answer questions if I have them."
-Ashley Sparks

Kristine Traucht

Founder & CEO of Thai Massage Training

Kristine Traucht is an experienced traditional Thai massage practitioner and instructor that has taught across the United States and in Thailand. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and has specialized in the study and practice of Thai massage since 2007. After several visits to Thailand and spending years learning within local Thai communities, she began sharing her love and knowledge of Thai massage, Thai culture, history, and traditional medicine.
Kristine has passionately taught the Thai healing arts for many years, helping students bridge the gap between Western massage and medicine with its Thai counterparts. She has even brought this knowledge to therapists working in high profile medical clinics such as The Mayo Clinic. It is her life's goal to bring students of massage into deep exploration of whole body wellness through combining bodywork, energy work, and spirituality. 

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