This is a lovely intro course for Thai Massage. It’s clear, well planned and user friendly. Time well spent!
— Heather Tutt Robinson, LMT

This course was very easy to understand, and I loved it. Kristine speaks clearly and at a pace that keeps you involved and listening. The course planner, workbook and exam checklist were so helpful and easy to take notes within each of them. The videos are VERY helpful too! I’m looking forward to taking my next online class! Thank you!
— Donna Kennedy

This course is a wonderful introduction to Thai massage principles and practice for someone wanting to add a technique to their toolbox, or find out whether they want to pursue more in-depth Thai massage training. The theory gives you a taste of the rich history and tradition of Thai massage, and the practical portions are well thought out and easy to follow. The sections are divided into segments so that the content never feels overwhelming. The practical segments take you through the technique in an easy to follow, step by step approach and are all complimented by a video that shows you the execution of that segment without commentary. I found that these videos were great to use when practicing the body region techniques on a client. Course support is offered in the form of a comments section in each part of the course, email communication and check-in emails from Kristine offering support and encouragement. This course will give you a very usable, effective routine to compliment your existing practice or will spark your interest in furthering your training. Either way, you walk away from this course with a better understanding of Thai massage and an appreciation for its rich lineage.
— Laurie Di Giulio

When I happened to be browsing Facebook at 1am after a full day of clients, I knew the forces that be were directing me to grow....this intro class has achieved just that and then some. Having practiced massage for 9 years now, I feel kind of bland sometimes, even when taking CE courses it’s way more by the book rather than letting myself grow deeper. Thai massage taught me, very rapidly, to respect who I am, what I bring to the table (or mat now!) and to be thankful I’m truly able to help others, and myself. I hadn’t said the “myself” part before this course, and that was the biggest learning curve I got from this. It all starts with ME! :)

Thanks Kristine, honored to have participates and thank you for sharing your wonderful insight/beliefs and skills!
— Shaun Deluca

This course was inspiring, motivating and rich in knowledge. Despite being an online course, I felt directly connected and supported across the entire arc of my learning. Having these techniques under my belt, as well as the awareness of body mechanics and the acupressure spectrum will not only change the impact and longevity of my clients, but the sustainability and longevity of my own body as well. I am deeply grateful for this knowledge and look forward to expanding my Thai massage skills with Kristine in the future.
— Celia Devoe

This training is thorough and concise. I have enjoyed the freedom to really understand the steps, to be able to review them again and again. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience!!
— Genevee Vernique Varela

“I was having problems with pain in my arms. I felt the difference in just one appointment. Now after a few times the pain is gone. I can grip things in my hands and not feel the sharp pain going down my arms. Worth every penny!!!”
— Serena B.

“I have been getting Thai massage for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sessions have been extremely helpful to my managing my pain. I do not like taking medication for it, and have found it to be extremely restorative. I am so happy to have found Thai massage!”
— Darryl K.