Thai Massage Training - Level 1 - Live Hands-On Class

A 40 CE course with live hands on training and online supplemental mentoring.

This course guides you through learning a 90 minute classic Thai massage routine, explores Thai medical and energy work theories, and introduces you to the exotic culture and spiritual practices of healers in Thailand.

Helping you to build a massage practice that is so much more than just a bodywork, it's lifestyle medicine. 

Becoming a specialist in traditional Thai massage will have an positive impact on your own life through giving you a greater purpose in your massage work, a deeper understanding of human beings and how to help them manage their health and wellness, and insight on how to care for yourself as part of being a healer for others. 

If you're ready to become a Thai healing art practitioner and create a bodywork practice that is mindful, focused, and successful. Enroll now. 

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