Thai Massage Training - Introduction

An 8 hour online home study course that's designed to introduce you to Thai massage if you've had little to no exposure to traditional Thai massage. In this training, you'll receive hours of step by step video tutorials, theoretical presentations, supplemental resources, and weekly real-time, live workshops and discussions.

This online course gives you an overview of the art & practice of traditional Thai massage and how adding this modality can positively impact your massage career for years to come, by:

  • Making your massage work easier
  • Saving your hands and thumbs from overuse
  • Adding a spiritual and energetic dimension to your practice that will give you more fulfillment and purpose
  • Adding body mechanics and body leveraging tools that are easy to use and maintain

The course includes:

  • Easy to watch video tutorials that can be viewed 24/7 on any device
  • Interactive homework and discussion sections to help you get the most out of the course
  • Comprehensive written materials that will help build knowledge and skill in the art of Thai massage

    In this course you will learn:
  • A 30 - 45 minute traditional Thai massage routine
  • To increase your marketing abilities and your income with Thai massage
  • Vital body mechanics and leveraging training
  • New tools and techniques that'll create massage sessions that give YOU energy and reduce your pain from repetitive strain that other massage modalities can create
  • About Thai culture, Thai history, and Buddhism that will enrich your training experience and can even prepare you to travel to Thailand

This course has a 30 day money back guarantee, if you do not think this is the VERY best training for your investment - I will give you your money back!

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