Why Take A Live Class?

Immersive Study

Live classes are a fantastic way to get immersive Thai massage training. Each course is brief but full of knowledge and information that will transform your massage practice. By getting hands-on instructor guided training you will build a level of confidence in your practice quickly. Theoretical training in the live classes is much more interactive helping you to understand

Continuing Education

As a NCBTMB approved provider, live classes will give you continuing education credits towards your ongoing licensure requirements. Additionally, you will be building skills that will increase demand and rates for your services as an advanced specialist in your field. There are also learning options for becoming a teacher of traditional Thai massage yourself, giving you an additional source of income and new venues for providing services to your fellow massage therapists.

Personal Instructor Support

Classes are kept intentionally small so the instructor can provide you with plenty of one on one support and guidance through the course. Body mechanics and technique corrections and feedback are given during the every class. If you retake any course, even more feedback and additional private training are included free of charge.


What Can I Expect In A Live Class?

Getting Enrolled

In order to register for a live class you must first secure your spot with a deposit or full payment for the date you wish to attend. You can click here to see a full list of the classes and dates available in the near future.

Class Times and Requirements

Live classes are highly regimented in order to keep costs and time investment for you as low as possible. Most live classes start at 9:00am and end at 6:00pm with an hour lunch break. Students are required to be present for the entire course in order to receive their certification.

Travel Planning and What To Bring
It is recommended that if you are coming from out of town that you plan to arrive at least the day before class starts and to depart the day following the end of the class. This will ensure that there aren't any issues with your successful completion of the training.

Lodging is always the responsibility of the student. Choosing a hotel, airbnb, or looking for a friend or family member to host you during the course are all great options.

Classes will include demonstrations, practice sessions, theoretical lectures, and authentic Thai cultural and spiritual lessons. Every student is expected to participate in both giving and receiving during all practice sessions so it is appropriate to wear clothing that will be conducive to performing and receiving Thai massage. Loose fitting or sports style clothing are the best choices. Inappropriate or excessively revealing clothing are not acceptable.

Note-taking is highly recommended and encouraged for all Thai massage courses. Please bring pencils for your personal use during class. This will ensure that you are easily able to make note corrections as needed.


Thai Massage Level 2

The second level of Thai massage training teaches more advanced techniques, additional client body positions, and customizing routines. You will explore working with specific cases such as; knee replacements, back issues, headaches, abdominal issues, and more. Group discussions around clients subsets like prenatal/postnatal, athletes, and geriatric will be initiated and explored. Additionally, self care and self development routines for healers are taught and implemented into daily practice.


Thai Massage Training Level 3

This level of Thai massage training explores Thai massage as a medical massage discipline in Thailand. You will learn how to use Thai medical theories to assess the elements, therapeutic and outcome based Sen line therapy routines, and participate in guided discussions about working with advanced health issues. Some issues that are regularly explored are; Parkinson's, depression, addiction, IBS, menstrual cycle issues, and fibromyalgia. Students will learn to create dynamic and self evolving treatment plans in order to best impact their clients' health and wellness.

Thai Herbal Massage

In this class you will explore knowledge of traditional Thai herbal medicine, practice making Thai herbal compresses, and learn how to use them in a massage treatment. They make a fantastic upgrade for your regular massage sessions.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is a relaxing, passive therapy that makes a wonderful addition to any massage practice. It utilizes many of the theories and body leveraging techniques from traditional Thai massage to affect the whole body through the feet. In this course you will learn a 30 & 60 minute Thai foot massage routine that can be used as a add-on treatment or as a stand alone service.

Table Thai Massage

For students wishing to learn a 90 minute Thai massage routine that can be performed on a standard massage table. In this class we will explore elevated Thai massage techniques, cautions and contraindications for Thai table-work, Sen line access points, joint mobilization and stretching for table-work. Body mechanics and body leveraging variations will be discussed and implemented to create more balance massage work for the practitioner when using a massage table.

Have Questions About Getting Enrolled?

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