About The Instructor

Kristine Traucht

Founder & CEO of Thai Massage Training

Kristine Traucht is an experienced traditional Thai massage practitioner and instructor that has taught across the United States and in Thailand. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and has specialized in the study and practice of Thai massage since 2007. After several visits to Thailand and spending years learning within local Thai communities, she began sharing her love and knowledge of Thai massage, Thai culture, history, and traditional medicine. 

Kristine has passionately taught the Thai healing arts for many years, helping students bridge the gap between Western massage and medicine with its Thai counterparts. She has even brought this knowledge to therapists working in high profile medical clinics such as The Mayo Clinic. It is her life's goal to bring students of massage into deep exploration of whole body wellness through combining bodywork, energy work, and spirituality.

My Story

Traveling to Thailand changed my life...

I still remember when I first started my Thai massage training.

I had already been a licensed massage therapist for a while when an opportunity to travel to Thailand literally fell into my lap (seriously, my dad said “Hey, let's go to Thailand this weekend” and I replied “Yeah, sure. Why not?”) Little did I know at the time just how pivotal that trip was going to be in my life. 

As soon as I got off the plane, I was totally enthralled with the beauty of Thailand and her people. I had never felt so comfortable in a foreign country where I couldn’t even speak a lick of the language!

When trekking around the city of Bangkok I saw a sign for “Thai Massage” and being an avid massage junkie, I walked right in and booked a session. 

From the time a laid down on the mat until the time I got up - my body had been completely changed. I couldn’t believe it, I had NEVER received a massage that had this level of effect on my body - I felt taller, like my whole body was more open, I could breathe better, and all areas of tension were completely gone. 

I knew right then that I HAD to learn this modality!

Once I returned to the States, I started hunting for places to study traditional Thai massage. Within a month I had taken my first class. After that I was completely hooked.

Not only was it the most effective massage I had ever studied (and I had already studied LOTS of different modalities), it cut my work effort in half! There were also some other incredibly valuable assets that I gained I had no idea I was even missing:

  • Understanding a whole-body healing approach
  • The self-development practices needed to be fulfilled and sustainable in my massage practice. 

Now I can look back a decade later and know that Thai massage changed the whole course of my life. And there is so much to learn and so many ways to grow as a Thai healing arts practitioner that I am still studying!! Just last year, I spent a month in Thailand studying Northern or Lanna Style Thai Healing Practices.

So, I genuinely know what I am talking about when I say to you that Thai massage can do this for you too :)

Hopefully this helps you get super motivated in your Thai massage training.


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