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4 Ways Thai Massage Will Improve Your Massage Practice

Jul 20, 2018

This article will highlight 4 key reasons of why you need to add Thai massage to your practice.

Massage therapists are in constant search of new modalities that they can add to their repertoire. CEU requirements, more effective work, skill and knowledge building, and to solve current problems in their practice - these are just a few of the reasons that practitioners are out there looking for more tools to add to their arsenal.

I want to share with you one of the most influential modality that could change your life and your career.

I know that I am biased (as a Thai massage practitioner and instructor) but I have also trained in NMT, MR, Medical Massage, Reflexology, Lypossage, Sports Massage, and more. So, Thai massage was not the first advanced training that I ever received but it HAS had the greatest impact on how I work with my clients. I can tell you from personal experience, Thai massage is the most valuable training out there that you could ever invest in.

If you need more convincing, read some of my students’ testimonials here.

Thai massage is a dynamic and beneficial modality that is available for you to quickly apply to your practice. I think you will be very surprised to see how much learning this manual medicine from Thailand will impact your clients, your career, and your life. This is because it is so much more than just a skill training.

Here are 4 powerful results that Thai massage training has on massage therapists.

Better Client Outcomes

Almost all of our clients are suffering from a variety of health issues and ailments that are related to their lifestyles. Through the practice of Thai massage, you will be actively working to counteract those issues helping to improve their general health and wellness. This happens quite proficiently enough through encouraging positive movement in the body (I explain more about what this movement is in this article).

This is what I call “outcome based” massage treatments. And I can assure you, with 19 years of massage experience, outcome-based massage will always trump relaxation massage in client demand and perceived value.

More Tools

Having a large base of tools in your “tool belt” can have significant benefits to both you and your clients.

For you, when you have more choices in how you can apply treatments to your clients, it makes your life easier. For instance, when I am working with a larger client with heavily dense muscle tissue, if I was just using my upper body I would have to struggle to achieve depth of pressure as well as put a lot of strain on my joints. With Thai massage, I have more tools than just my thumbs, forearms, and elbows. In fact, if at any time there is too much stress on my hands (or if I just need to get a deeper level of pressure) – I can use my knees, feet, and heels.

In the Thai massage world, we call this the pressure spectrum. Click here if you want to watch a video showing these techniques so you can start using them right now. The pressure spectrum means using the right tool or technique to achieve the most effect for the least amount of effort. In other words, work smarter not harder.

More Fulfilling Work

This comes from the strong spiritual influence of Buddhism in the development of Thai massage. For some this can be one of the hardest aspects and training components to apply in the practice of Thai massage but it is definitely the most worthwhile to learn.

You don’t necessarily need to be Buddhist (or have any spiritual inclination) to learn compassion in your work, how practicing meditation benefits both you and your clients, or how proper breathing can affect the body. All of which, and more, are major principles in the practice of traditional Thai massage.

More Revenue

Additional income is a great perk of adding Thai massage to your menu. Many specialty services, including Thai massage, garner a higher rate of pay through the additional training and education. But there are other ways it works to add to your bottom line.

1. An average Thai massage session is 90 minutes in length. Which means that you not only make more in each session but that you can take less clients during the day to meet your financial goals.

2. There are a lot less Thai massage practitioners that are practicing than massage therapists. So when a client is looking for a Thai massage in your area, you will have a lot less competition. This can have a seriously positive affect on the demand for your services. And if you are anything like me, you don’t want to have to work really hard to garner new clients. With Thai massage, a well spoken introduction to my treatments makes up their mind very quickly that I offer something a cut above the rest.

3. In the end, it is all about the results. How do your massages benefit your clients? You will easily be able to show them (even in 1 session) how Thai massage improves their mental and physical health and wellness. By using this approach during my client after care consultations, I can shift their view of massage from a luxury treatment to a important wellness therapy that they can’t do without. This keeps my schedule full with rebooking and with referrals. All because my massage sessions GET RESULTS!

If you think that traditional Thai massage will be a good fit for your massage business and want to learn either through online courses or in live classes with me, click below to get started right now.

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